Staff Recruitment is a specialty!

What can our recruitment expertise offer you?

Staff recruitment is a real specialty. There are many factors influencing successful recruitment efforts. A standard recepy does not exist. Over 30 years already our familiy owned international recruitment organisatoin assists healthcare organisations by finding good qualified, skilled and enthusiastic healthcare professionals. With great enthusiasm and daily drive, we are committed to finding the right person for the job. Essential elements for every successful recruitment procedure are a personal interview, professional support in creating a clear career pathway and an above average effort to finding and recruiting the best employee for your organisation. With our realistic approach, we assure that the new employee is well prepared to start his/new position. Therefore, finding good qualified and skilled new employees, starts at Scholten Medical.

What do we offer your healthcare organisation?  

Staff recruitment based upon function profile: 
Through our website, online recruitment channels, healtcare magazines, word of mouth marketing, exhibitions and our applicant database, we recruit skilled healthcare professionals.

Personality, motivation, registration of diploma/certificates, language skills, professional competences, references, potential development, ambitions and (cultural) adaptivity, are central items in our selection procedure. Personal interviews allow us to screen the applicants on these items.

From every applicant, you will receive a clear, comprehensive and detailed curriculum vitae, according to a fixed portfolio format.

Job interviews / trial days:   
Personal job interviews and/or trial days will be scheduled with shortlisted applicants, in correspondence with you. In this phase, the applicant is well prepared on the position requirements, general information on the healthcare organisation, tipps and tricks regarding interviews, required language skills, cultural differences and professional registration.

In case the applicant has been offered a job, after a successful job interview, we support you with all the contractual arrangements. The new employee will be fully guided by our organisation to support with practical issues such as registration, relocation, insurances, banking, tax system, etc.

During and after the probation period we frequently evaluate the progress and integration of the new employee in his/her new position.