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Interested in earning a high net monthly salary in a beautiful environment? Ready for a new adventure? We are here to guide you on your new path - free of charge! From job application to accommodation. From induction to training. Also for applicants within Switzerland we are the expert for a job switch within healthcare! Please note: B2 knowledge of the German language is essential.
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We want to contribute to your joy in life.

While recruitment and selection is our area of expertise, it is not our raison d’être. Our ambition is to contribute to our applicants’ purpose and joy in life. That is why we mediate exclusively for positions in Switzerland. Of course, the higher salary is an added bonus, but it’s equally important to end up in the right workplace with stunning surroundings. Moving abroad is an exciting opportunity, but it is also a big step. We understand that. In fact, that is exactly why we put so much energy into our application process and guidance. Working abroad is an impactful change, so we make sure you make the right choices.

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Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country not only has financial advantages, it also adds value to your life as a whole.

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We make sure your application looks well-crafted and well-organised.

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You personally introduce yourself at several healthcare facilities and get to know the ins and outs of the job.

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Your new job is secured! All practical matters surrounding your start have been arranged.

Curious about your opportunities in Switzerland?

B2 level of the German language is obligatory for non-Swiss, non-EU and non-EFTA applicants, in order to be eligible for a work and residence permit in Switzerland. Should you already bring at least B1 level of the German language, you are welcome to send in your CV.

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