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Switzerland is centrally located in Europe. The country is divided into 26 cantonal and 4 language regions (German, French, Italian and Retroroman). Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. The Swiss are considered to be friendly and hospitable people, sometimes a little reserved at first instance. The Swiss cherish their independence and the respect for traditions. Every 1th of August they celebrate their National Holiday. The landscape is astonishingly beautiful! The massive Alps with high peaks and great panoramic views combined with Alpine foothills and hilly landscape in other regions, lakes and rivers where picturesque villages and beautifull towns are located, offer a large variety in landscape. In the World Happiness Report Switzerland scores high on: freedom, social trust, generosity, healthcare, income and governance. Summarized: a perfect place to be!


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Switzerland is by far the place to be to enjoy the great diversity of various landscapes.  

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The 26 cantonal regions of Switzerland  

Switzerland is centrally located in Europe. The country has 26 cantonal and 4 language regions (German, French, Italian, Retroroman). Switzerland is not a member of the European Union.


The Swiss cherish their independence and the respect for traditions

Switzerland's beauty speaks for itself!

Attractive working conditions - financial and secure benefits


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Enviable quality of living - a good 'work-life-balance'

Because of staff shortages of healthcare profesionals on the Swiss labour market, Swiss healthcare organisations have been recruiting staff internationally already for many years. The Swiss healthcare system is being continuously developed. The impact of the DRG-based reimbursement system on patient care and professional practise has shown many changes since the introduction in 2013. The Swiss healthcare system is rewarded for being one of the best within Europe. Vacancies occur in hospitals and other healthcare organisations throughout the country; in large cities, small picturesque villages, in wintersport areas as wells as near the various lakes. Most job offers however are in the German and German/French speaking region of Switzerland.

In- and outside of Switzerland, we recruit on behalf of a large diversity of healthcare employers. In our network we have hospitals (cantonal hospitals, university hospitals, regional hospitals, private hospitals, specialistic hospitals among which paediatric clinics), rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, ambulant nursing services, psychiatric institutes as well as facilities for people with disabilities. These employers rely on our specialistic expertise to recruit staff (internationally).

More and more healthcare professonials require a Swiss registration of your original healthcare degree as from the moment you start your new position in Switzerland or within foreseeable future. A passed B2 language test in German, French or Italian is obligatory, in order to become registered. In some cases, the healthcare organisation may require additional language requirements. Should your language skills not yet be comparible to B2 level, we will mutually draw up a plan of action, in cooperation with our partners (language schools/teachers in Switzerland or abroad).

In 2018 we celebrate our 30th birthday as a family owned company. Our gift to you is, as from 1 January 2018, a partly refund of expenses made in order to attend job interviews and trial days ('Schnupperli') in Switzerland. A part of travel costs to Switzerland can be paid out of this refund.

As from 1 January 2018, we offer a partial refund of your registration fee in Switzerland. Subject to payment of the refund is that you hold a permanent contract. The refund will be paid only after you will have succesfully passed the probation period of your new job (job found through Scholten Medical) and you hold your registration. Your appeal for refund should occur within 12 months after your starting date. After 12 months, an appeal for refund is no longer applicable. The partial refund does not apply to recruitment procedures before 1 January 2018.

Salaries and fringe benfits in Switzerland are very attractive. Salary conditions show cantonal differences, just like tax rates. Due to the large variety in tax scales/salary conditions, it is difficult to compare the bruto/netto salaries per canton. In general, from a bruto salary approximately 75% remains netto. A working week of 42 hours is fulltime and a 13th month salary is granted annually. The amount of holidays vary per cantonal region (from 22-25 days), an average of approximately 10 days for national bank holidays sums up your total amonunt of holidays. Social services in Switzerland are very good. The probation period in Switzerland is 3 months.

Many healthcare organisations offer payable staff accommodation on site, varying from a room (house sharing) or studios/apartments. Should your new employer not offer housing facilities, many alternatives are available to find suitable accommodation. Since we have started our company in 1988, every applicant has been succesfull in finding suitable accommodation!

As Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, immigration regulations for foreigners are quite strict. EU-Members no longer need a work permit, however do require a residence permit. The application for a residence permit occurs directly when you apply for your municipal registration. A residence permit will be granted by the municipal within three months after starting employment in Switzerland. Normally, within approximately two weeks your permit will be issued.

If you migrate to Switzerland, a risk analysis in case of the unexpteced, gives you a feeling of security. Therefore free advice and support from an Emigration Expert will be offered to you, in order to cover certain risks (e.g. health insurance, liability insurance, etc.). The insurances offered to you comply with your personal situation and protect you from any financial risks of the unexpected. During the probation period of your new job (first three months), we offer you free insurances of the obligatory insurances in Switzerland. One exception: coverage of your health insurance is for your own account. Free advice will be given. By offering your free insurances in the first few months, you have more time left to focus on your new job!

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