I have been living in Switzerland (Zurich) since two years and am completely happy with my life here! At the same time I enjoy staying in contact with the Netherlands. When I moved to Switzerland, the Buddy Project had not yet started. Fortunately, a Belgian Nurse also started working in the same hospital, she indirectly was my own Buddy! For this reason I answered positively when asked by Scholten Medical to join the Buddy Project. It is assuring when you start a new adventure, that you can contact someone who is currently living in the same region, where you are going to move to. For practical questions (e.g. finding an appartment) or just for fun (exchange experiences in your own mother language).

An enthusiastic feeling came to me, when Scholten asked me to be a Buddy for Liesbet (a Nurse recruited by Scholten Medical in the Zurich region). Shortly after she had arrived in Zurich, we personally met for the first time. On a rainy afternoon we strolled through the city and enjoyed a "Kaffee mit Kuchen" in one of the local pubs. We talked about our experiences in Belgian/The Netherlands and the differences/comparisons with Switzerland, resulting in many subjects to be discussed. Work, hobbies, cultural differences, but also how we deal with missing family and friends.

Personally I see the Buddy Project as an approachable project. You can easily contact your Buddy by email, by phone or by meeting in person. There are no obligations; in case you do no longer require guidance, you can move forward yourself. The Buddy Project can easily turn out in a longterm friendship as well. I am already looking forward to my next project!

Regards, Merel

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