Almost one year ago, I started my Swiss adventure! In August 2016 I moved with all my personal belongings to Switzerland, where I started working as a Nurse in a rehabilitation clinic. A year before my departure I had started my preparations and had been searching on the internet for more information regarding working in Switzerland. My search appeared to be succesfull, as I had found the website of Scholten Medical. At this moment in time, I was already certain about my interest to move abroad, for this reason I got in contact with Scholten Medical quite soon. At the same time I started taking German classes, as my knowledge of the German language definitely needed an extra boost. A few months after my initial application, I visited two nursing homes in Switzerland. It was a good and interesting first experience in Switzerland, however I was not yet completely convinced. A few weeks later, I visited Switerzland for the second time for job interviews. It appeared to be a great choice, as I was offered a job straight away. I only needed a few days to think over the job offer, before I fully accepted the great offer I had been made ;-).

A few months later I moved to Switzerland. In particular the first few days, I felt homesick and frequently asked my self 'why did I choose to go abroad'. This feeling changed as from the moment I started my first working day. The welcome on the ward was warm which made me feel welcome in the team as from the first minute. The colleagues, the work and the splendid surroundings, made me feel at home very quickly. The first few weeks after my arrival were quite heavy; a new environment and a different language were exhausting. When I came home from a day at work, I flumped into the couch. However I adjusted quite easily so gradually I found my niche. Our team frequently organizes team trips or excursions, stimulating to meet your colleagues after work as well in an informal setting.

The first few months, I lived in staff accommodation of the clinic. This was superb as it gave me good start to meet colleagues and to look further for suitable accommodation. After a few months in Switzerland, I was convinced that I really enjoyed living in Switzerland and for this reason did not foresee to go back to the Netherlands soon. Since a few months, I have found myself een nice appartment. I still enjoy my work. Ofcourse you notice differences, you face them automatically. Work in general is more relaxed than in the Netherlands and everything is well organised. I frequently have the opportunity to follow courses. Sometimes it suprises me, what is financially realisable by the employer! Cost savings are not yet as much reality as they are in the Netherlands. During the first month at work, I was allowed to take my time and integrate slowly as had not yet been scheduled in the work's duty roster. I really liked this, as it gave me time to adjust slowly and to learn the local dialect as well. Swissgerman was quite difficult from the beginning. Actually, many colleagues and also patients speak German when they notice that you are not a local. It certainly took me one year to understand the Swissgerman language well.

The clinic is located beautifully in the middle of the mountains with lake view. Switzerland has a divers landscape, offering beautiful surroundings for everyone. I really enjoy the combination of mountains and lakes. In the summer, you can hike in the mountains and relax on the lake. I am very happy that Scholten Medical assisted me in finding my job. If I had to have organised my own job abroad, I am sure that I would have found this perfect opportunity. The whole organsation of job search, interview planning, job formalities, accommodation, permit etc. cost a lot of time and energy. Scholten Medical has a large network and thinks with you, every step on the way. I really appreciated their work. Also the fact that they were always there to ask any question, made me feel at ease. I am extremely gratefull to have taken this step in my career!!!


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