From holiday feeling to finding my own appartment. About 14 months ago, I decided to move abroad. Three months later, I sucessfully found a new job in Switzerland. When I arrived a Switzerland at the end of November, it did not yet realize that my life would change completely. My parents helped me to move to Switzerland. When they had left after a few days, I realised that I was not in Switzerland for a holiday.

The first week flew away. I got up, enjoyed the beautiful mountain view and tried to understand more of the local language. I was assigned two mentors who had both worked in the hospital already for many years and both were bilangual. This made me feel at home as from the first second. I did not need to worry about any language difficulties. After one month had passed I thought: I am exhausted! With the help of my colleagues, I was able to take some holiday leave to pay a suprise visit to my parents.

I can reassure you that in the meantime I really feel at home in Switzerland! My team is a pleasant team to work in. My Head Nurse sometimes grants me a long weekend off, so I am able to visit family and friends in Belgium. Live communication is nowadays easy to organise through Whatsapp and Skype. My father, who had never been a real traveller, already visited me three times! In the meantime, I have also found a nice appartment, where I will move into as from July. This means that I will at least stay another year in Switzerland! I have learnt a lot and my German language skills have also improved astonishingly! So far, I have not regretted my decision to move to Switzerland!

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