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I felt at home straight away 

The past few years have flown by, I have been living in Bern already for 2 years now! In the beginning, everything was new and exciting, however after three months, I already experienced a natural flow. I understood more and more about the local dialect and I fully integrated in our dynamic Stroke-Unit.

My social network has expanded significantly in the past few years. As a fourth of the inhabitants has a foreign nationality, I have closed new friendships with foreigners and Swiss.

It's nice to have someone that understands your situation

Last year, Carolien introduced me to Harriet, a German Nurse who has moved to Bern in February 2018. She had been offered a job in the same hospital in Bern. As her Buddy (Buddy Project of Scholten Medical), I helped her out during her first weeks in Bern and in the hospital. Before she left Germany, we had already spoken to each other through WhatsApp. After Harriet had arrived in Bern, we met at a local pub to get to know each other a bit better. Despite our different backgrounds, we surely also had a few

comparisons. Harriet had been assigned staff accommodation, exactly where I used to live as well. Also our first weeks in the hospital, had an equal program. Besides that, we talked a lot about the cultural differences and Swiss traditions.

It's fun to help other people

8 Months later, Harriet and I still meet up frequently for a little chat. It feels good that a Buddy understands your situation and is able to introduce you to your new environment. Being a Buddy myself, it is a great opportunity to help people integrate in their own habitat.

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